Moving can be both stressful and time-consuming. Finding ways to minimize potential stress and keeping the process moving forward at all times is imperative. During all the commotion of finding a  reliable moving company, finding your new residence, packing your belonging and everything else included in moving, you still need to account for the items you need moved. Knowing what items you plan on moving and keeping a moving inventory list will ensure this happens.


A household inventory list for your move can be as simple as a blank sheet of paper with a handwritten list of items all the way to an excel spreadsheet that details items, required disassembly, location in home and estimated value. Whatever you decide to go with is completely up to you and will always be better than nothing. The Inventory list will provide a couple purposes throughout the course of your move.


First, a moving inventory list will allow you to know truly what you have in your home. As we all know, it is very easy to collect items throughout the years. Going item by item through your home will help you find items you may want to part with before moving it to another residence where it can sit for 10 years in the attic.


Next, a moving inventory list will allow you to collect, label and prioritize your household goods. When it comes to packing, knowing where all priority items are located in your home can be incredibly helpful; this step will allow you to pack, mark appropriately, and then unpack these items first at your next location. Having a change of clothing, your bedding and some dishware the first night in your new residence is always a plus. The inventory list will also allow you to ensure all of your household items made the move.  This may sound ridiculous, but it is not unheard of to leave furniture that looks like a built in or sits in a darker corner of your home, and wall hangings and curtains get left frequently.


Finally, the moving inventory lists will lessen the amount of time any potential moving company will need to estimate your move. A move estimate that includes packing your household goods can take a quite a long time and having a list, especially of the smaller items or goods that are located in drawers, can drastically reduce the time needed. It will also inform the movers of any small valuables like jewelry you may forget to mention, which many moving companies require. The bottom line is that an inventory list will take a bit of your time, but in the end it can be extremely beneficial to every facet of the moving process.


October 8, 2014