house makeover before and after

It’s not too late to start 2015 with a bang to make your house even more amazing and appealing. Here are some tips you can utilize to spice up your home at your own pace.

Freshen up with plants

Adding up some greens and a few ornamental plants in a selected house part is always refreshing. Plants inside or outside of the house will certainly impart a fresh new look. In addition to giving the house a nice lively look, did you know that plants help minimize the amount of stress that is the average person’s life? Of course, there are also environmental and health benefits too!

Take out what’s not needed!

With all the years that have passed in your current home, don’t be surprised if you take a look around and notice your house has actually turned into a depository of old supplies you never got around to throwing out. You might not realize this, but it happens, and will continue to happen as long as you ignore it. See for yourself. Head up to your closet and perform a personal raid on wardrobes and outfits you haven’t used for a while. They might just be collecting dust. Check your shelves for books and magazines, which could be put to better use when donated to your community library. Free your drawers of memorabilia items, which might be better looking on your walls.

Give some tweak to your old furniture

If you have ever thought of retiring your decade-old furniture, give it a second thought. Not only will you be missing an opportunity to nurture a possible antique piece, you will also miss the chance of reinventing it. For instance, that old chair, the one whose paint is peeling off, can have a second life. Grab a spray paint and grant your chair a brand new color. You can also do the same for other furniture pieces, such as tables. If you want a natural look, varnishing is the better choice.

Light up your house

We’re pretty sure you have some lighting fixtures in parts of your house. Yet, if despite turning them on you still feel like it is still dim or dark – then you need to brighten up your house some more. There are different types of lighting fixtures, which you can install depending on the surface you want to illuminate. The more useful ones tend to be desk lamps, which you can use on your computer table. If you have a child, you can put on on for his or her study table.

The New Year should not only be a time to reinvent yourself as a person. It’s also time to reassess your house and reinvent that as well. Hopefully some of these tips can do the trick!