house maintence

People often neglect home maintenance work, but we say that is a big mistake. Your home needs regular maintenance just like your vehicle. The good news is you can tackle house maintenance tasks easily without disturbing your schedule. If you just take out 30-45 minutes a week or less than 10 minutes per day, it will be sufficient. Not only is not time-consuming, but it will make sure that your home is running smoothly on all fronts, with no leaky surprises the day before a house party.

Take a look at the maintenance checklist below to see where your home stands.


  1. Vacuum the condenser coils at the back of your fridge every six months or at least once per year. Also, pay special attention to the door seals of the refrigerator. Keeping the door seals tight will make the refrigerator work efficiently while consuming less power. To test the door seals, close the refrigerator door while putting a dollar bill in between. Now try to pull out the dollar bill. If you cannot easily pull out the note, it indicates the door seals are in good condition. However if the bill slides out easily, it is time to replace the seals.
  2. Keep tabs on your air conditioner. Air conditioners are one of the most overlooked appliances when it comes to maintenance. However, they can prove very costly to repair if they become faulty. Regularly inspect the condensation hose to make sure water can flow freely through it. Keep the screen around the air conditioner free from debris so that the air can flow easily and without obstruction. Periodically clean the air conditioner grill.
  3. Check and repair leaky water faucets. In most cases, worn out washers are the main causes of leakage. Replacing the washers can get rid of the leakage problem most of the time.
  4. At least once per year, drain water from the water heater and clean the inside of the heater. Water heaters need regular maintenance just like any other appliance. Water has sediment suspended in it. These particles settle at the bottom of the tank, causing damage to the floor of the water heater.
  5. Check up on those guest bathrooms, which likely are not used frequently. Remember to flush these toilets regularly in order to prevent grime or any other kind of build up.
  6. Inspect your fire extinguishers regularly. Make sure the gauge shows adequate pressure and there are no visible signs of damage or wear and tear.
  7. Inspect your house roof regularly for damages or leaks. You might need to call professional help in case the roof needs repairing.